Stressed to Calm coaching programme

The Stressed to Calm coaching framework


The multimodal approach shines the spotlight on 7 areas which form the acronym BASIC I.D.   The framework allows for a structured deep dive into the areas which are causing you the most stress.  By raising your awareness this provides the opportunity to identify and change any unhelpful actions, thoughts and behaviours to helpful responses.  The effect is to lower stress levels. 


The BASIC ID acronym explained.

The letter B of the acronym stands for “behaviour” which considers whether you exhibit type A (competitive, rushed, impatient, fast eating / walking) behaviour or type B (non-competitive, good listener, patient, easy going behaviour.  Becoming aware of your patterns provides you with the opportunity to change them.


The letter A of the acronym stands for “affect” which gives consideration for the way you are feeling about a situation. 


The letter S stands for “sensation” and evaluates any bodily sensations, such as tension, feeling sick, and headaches. 


The letter I stands for Imagery, and identifies whether you visualise the situation in an unhelpful way e.g.  Visualises yourself failing. 


The C in the acronym stands for “cognition” and considers the thoughts and ideas for example “I must give an excellent presentation otherwise I will never get promoted” . 


The I in the acronym stands for “interpersonal “which refers to how social you are and also considers communication style e.g. are you exhibiting a passive-aggressive style. 


The final acronym D is for “drugs” and biology.  This looks at how you are taking care of yourself.g. are you consuming excessive amounts of caffeine to cope with a situation?

Free taster session

I get it.  You don't know me so why would you hire me to help you?.  Let's fix that, a consultation call is a free 30-minute taster session of the coaching you will receive from me.  It's not a sales call but just 30 minutes packed with value and a way for you to get to know my coaching style for free with no obligation.  


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