Embrace Your Change coaching programme

What is Embrace Your Change coaching programme?

Embrace Your Change coaching programme is a goal-orientated coaching programme designed to help you deal with change whilst limiting your stress.   Change can be stress-inducing as it can make you feel fearful, lost and frustrated.  However, if you are able to set goals around your change and create a plan to achieve them this can greatly reduce the impact.  Embrace Your Change coaching programme is a series of structured conversations designed to help you make a shift but with the least amount of stress.

Who is Embrace Your Change coaching for?

This is for you if:-

  • You are facing a change.  This might be a change or challenge at work.  It might be changing from being at home to returning to work or it might be a change within your personal life.

  • You are ready to face your change and feel comfortable talking about your feelings and ready to move beyond your comfort zone.

  • You are able and willing to commit to an hour on a regular basis.

  • You have access to the internet with a stable connection.

  • You are open-minded and ready to learn new ways of being human! 

  • You are all in.   Ready to put in the work to embrace your change.

What you will receive from me:-


  • A free 30-minute online taster coaching session to ensure you feel comfortable with me and clear about your reasons for coaching.

  • 1 hour of online coaching where we will establish a deep human connection.

  • Each session will follow a structured approach and involve conversation, inquiry, and reflection.

  • Email support between sessions during working hours (9 am to 3 pm) Monday to Friday.

What you will gain from the sessions-


  • You will feel focussed and able to manage your change. 

  • You will have developed greater self-awareness to be better at managing relationships and have the mental fitness to manage your change.

  • You will understand what is holding you back from embracing your change and have clearly defined goals to reach.

* I usually recommend between 4 to 6 sessions

My coaching programmes are working for my clients

" Not quite sure how she does it but I felt at ease so quickly and that enabled me to face some hard truths and debunk some barriers ...I took an amazing new mind set to interview and landed a job!    Please keep doing what you do Jill!”

Vikki, Buckinghamshire


" She had a lovely mix of making the sessions relaxed but highly effective. She really knows her stuff about how to change, and I would definitely use her services again." 

Emma, Oxfordshire

" Jill helped me untangle myself and become proud to be me. Changing my mindset, instilling confidence in myself, and made me proud of what I have achieved and where I am going on the next level. Thank you Jill."

Lyndsey, Oxfordshire

Why work with me?

  • I am passionate about creating a strong human connection with you.

  • I am dedicated to helping you to manage change and find a new path

  • I offer online coaching which is time-efficient, convenient and affordable and gets the same results as face to face coaching.

  • I am a professional coach and a member of the Association of Coaching.

  • I help my clients achieve fast sustainable results.

  • I charge an affordable price of £49 per hour

  • I offer a money-back guarantee.  I want all my clients to sleep well, therefore I want to take away the risk to you. In the very unlikely event after the first paid for the coaching session, you decide you are not enjoying the session are receiving no value and do not want to continue then  I will refund the price of the session and we will part as friends.   

Free taster session

I get it.  You don't know me so why would you hire me to help you?.  Let's fix that, a consultation call is a free 30-minute taster session of the coaching you will receive from me.  It's not a sales call but just 30 minutes for you to get to know my coaching style for free with no obligation.  


Jill West

01865 655990

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